Montauk Labs

Montauk Labs is a venture studio for exploring new and impactful ideas and technologies. As the first technical hire I worked closely with founders and two full-time engineers to build out multiple prototype products from scratch.


Montauk Labs


Technical Product Lead


2020 - 2022


Built a design system and several prototype products, working closely with engineering and ensuring reusability of components across projects. is an intelligence platform to track the rate of innovation of US companies using publicly available data. Aggregated data such as patents and trademarks into an insights platform with alerting, external API, machine learning keyword extraction and trend monitoring. I handled the product design (Figma/Figjam), user research, project management (Git issues + Notion), working closely with 2 engineers (React frontend, Python Backend, deployed on AWS infra).

Reportedly is an investor relations platform. I helped migrate to modern Rails, update design, and built features for the platform.

Push Analytics (no longer live)

Analytics proof-of-concept to monitor and improve a company’s rate of innovation.  The application aggregated metrics from data sources such as Github (DORA metrics, etc.), Google analytics (uniques), Twitter (sentiment), and Clearbit for logos. This project ended as a proof of concept.


Other work

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